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You may be wondering what happens when you give Scantronics books and magazines to scan, how do we process them ?

Well the initial answer is do you want a destructive or non-destructive process for your books and magazines.

If we can de-spine them and scan them this is the most cost effective way and means we can use fast scanning machines to process the pages to your requirements.

If we cannot de-spine the books and magazines then Scantronics will use flat bed scanners and the latest software to correct the optical layout of the pages, this process is considerably more expensive than if we can de-spine and scan.

Your output can be in a number of formats but if you require the PDF or TIFF images for a reprint of the original the minimum resolution DPI (Dots Per Inch) we recommend is 300.

Our innovative scanning technology can help even the smallest customer achieve their digitization goals…

The Process is Simple…

You send your books and bound documents to us.

Our trained staff will digitize them using flatbed or roller scanners to your requirements. We will place the digitized document files on your choice of media and return your books in their originally supplied condition.

Scantronics can also convert your book text to Word format

Scantronics is ready to perform digital conversions quickly and efficiently for all your needs.

Minute Books
Small library collections
Bound journals
R&D and scientific lab books
Genealogy libraries
Government records and documentation
Private collections
Fragile and exceptional volumes

You can utilize our digitization services for a fraction of the cost of any other bound document digital scanning service that is currently available in the market today and with higher quality than you ever thought possible.

Past customers of our scanning service include Honda UK, Janes (Fighting Ships) Institute of Physics, London School of Design, Aquapharm Pharmaceutical and many other authors and libraries.