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Frequently Asked Questions

Scantronics can provide all types, sizes and volumes of document scanning & conversion services according to our customer’s requirements output formats include but are not limited to TIFF, PDF, searchable PDF, JPG etc.


Scantronics store your documents to the most suitable form for you , which can be Tape, Hard Drive CD/DVD or any other media.


Below we hope you will find many of the questions that you have about document scanning answered.


How many scanned documents can I fit on a typical 4.7Gbyte DVD?

This will vary according to the amount of information on each page but a typical amount would be up to 50 archive boxes of scanned documents on each DVD-ROM ( 120,000 – 125,000 sheets of A4).

What sizes of paper can be scanned?

Any size of paper from very small receipts up to large drawings of 36” wide (A0) and any length can be scanned.

Photographs and colour scanning?

Scantronics scanning equipment can handle black and white, greyscale and full colour photographs for scanning.