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Scanning & Indexing Your Archives

A typical requirement for our customers is to scan and index the contents of archive boxes to file the contents of which can be loose paper, paper in files and folders anf paper in lever arch files.

Scantronics will take your archive boxes by dedicated door to door courier and scan them quickly and efficently, currently we can handle up to 500 boxes per month for any single client.

If you do not have archive boxes for your paper files these can be provided by Scantronics and we can even provide staff to box up your files on you site as required.

Whilst storing your files these are kept in locked storage areas which are camera monitored, our premises are patrolled 24 hours a day and all file information is treated as highly confidential.

We have scanned medical records for NHS trusts as well as financial records with credit card information and many other types of confidential file information, our proud boast is we have never lost or had released into the public domain any of our clients information.

Before we ‘kick off’ your scanning project some of these questions we might ask you are highlighted below:

1. What paper sizes are in the archive box (typically A4 or mixed A4 and A3 this can go up to A0), what is the indexing requirements.

2. How many boxes are there and what is the average number of sheets or folders in a box (if folders average number of sheets per folder).

3. Is the paper all black and white or mixed black and white and colour or all colour, single or double sided.

4. Is the paper in folders or lever arch files in each box or loose, how many are in a typical box and how are they held together (staples, clips, in plastic wallets etc).

5. What is the timescale for your project. Who are the contacts for the project.

6. please note our charges are some of the lowest in our industry but these can vary depending on your exact requirements.
All boxes once received are labelled with the clients information and each box is given a unique number to identify it from its fellows, as each box is scanned it is marked accordingly and moved to another part of the storage area to ensure there is no duplication.

Once scanned, your archive files can be found very quickly and collaborated on easily, it is a little known statistic that over 30% of any employees time is spent looking for paper files.

Currently legal requirements are reasonably straight forward so yes you can shred the original documents with some confidence that you have copies that comply with current legislation

Scantronics use state of the art scanning machines and capture software to allow us to process our clients files to a high quality standard and within client driven timescale’s.

Our processes and procedures for scanning are completed within ISO9001 practices and this ensures that our customers receive a quality service .

Internally all machines are password protected, with supervisor controls for disk manufacture, our network is protected by PIX firewalls and well as physical security.