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Document Collection & Storage

Scantronics can provide a collection and delivery service from your door to ours using local delivery services where appropriate or dedicated door to door delivery.

We can also on request provide boxes for your use as well as personnel to box up your files on site if required.

For an overnight service collection charge’s can vary considerably depending on your location but typically will be £10 to £20 for London and the Greater London Area, this charge also depends on the quantity and weight of boxes.

For a dedicated same day courier charges start from £25 upwards depending or your location.

Files are always stored for overnight delivery in secure areas.

Scantronics would recommend if your files are highly confidential a dedicated service as this ensures that a full ‘audit trail’ of your documents is maintained and delivery is person to person.

To summerise:
1. Fast reliable courier for collection and delivery service.

2. Personal door to door courier delivery service or freight service delivery.

3. Overnight service at competitive rates.

4. Same-day courier delivery service UK only.

5. Fast freight courier delivery services to Europe.

Boxes can be supplied by us labelled with your client information, each box is given a unique number to identify it from its fellows, prices for boxes start from as little as £1.50 per box.

Once scanned, your archive files can be found very quickly and collaborated on easily, it is a little known statistic that over 30% of any employees time is spent looking for paper files. currently legal requirements are reasonably straight forward so yes you can shred the original documents with some confidence that you have copies that comply with current legislation

Scantronics offer a complete service undertaken by professional and experienced drivers, all of whom are equipped with IDs.

Our partners have a complete range of vehicles to suit all circumstances, from motorbikes to 7.5 tonne vehicles, all of which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Same Day and Express Deliveries

Local and National Deliveries