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Form Design & Processing Services

Some say that good form design is more of an art than a science but the reality is good form design is a matter of understanding the requirements of the client and the purpose of the form and ensuring that the design ensures that the respondants have clear instructions how to fill out the form and there are no ambiguities in how the form or any part of it can be completed.

Scantronics has extensive experience in form design and have designed forms for internal employee surveys, external client surveys, charity gift forms and competition forms as well as many other types of form for information capture.

A good form design can optimise the amount of information you receive from your respondents and ensure that there are no ambiguities in the questions asked and therefore no doubt of the right way to complete the form in the respondents mind.

Some organisations will try to design their own forms using word or excel and we do not recommend this approach as there is a world of difference between a professionally designed form and a half hearted effort put together locally.

Our design process can incorporate your logos and other corporate banners as well as signatures of senior managers, we can print your form in black and white or colour, matching your corporate colour schemes exactly.

Question layout will be clean and precise and easy to understand, open text boxes will be suitable for your requirements.

Scantronics can produce your questionnaires in multiple languages and can also provide translation services on request.

Whilst the design process is being completed drafts of the design will be sent to your local contact for sign off and approval at each stage of the design.

Scantronics are flexible in this respect and will make last minute changes at your behest.

Scantronics provide batch preparation and high-speed production level scanning of a wide variety of paper sizes and formats. To ensure the highest level of accuracy is achieved, captured information is automatically validated and a member of the internal team manually corrects any recognition failures for those forms that are processed using OCR technology.

Scantronics also offer a key punch service for our clients where form data is manually processed using our partner organisations.

Manual processing can be single or double keyed to ensure high levels of accuracy and Scantronics work to a minimum level of 99.95% accuracy for your data which can be output to CSV, XML, Excel, SQL and other formats as required.

In the past Scantronics have completed projects for Shell and Akzo Nobel, both worldwide project in multiple languages to many thousands of respondents, Scantronics have also worked with Viking Holidays, Cancer Research, Fortnum and Masons in the UK as well some police forces and others.