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By outsourcing your information capture and processing requirements to Scantronics you can reduce and control your operating costs and free up your resources.

Scantronics manage the entire process from start to finish and deliver the resultant data back to you to your timescale’s . Whether you are experiencing seasonal peaks in your forms processing and need some assistance, or have a one off project you would like us to handle, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

As part of the process Scantronics can provide a complete end to end fulfillment as required to multiple locations Worldwide

Scantronics has extensive experience in designing forms that accurately capture the data you need. Using leading tools and an iterative process we’ll create your form and the business rules that validate your data during processing.

Scantronics will also handle document printing, storage, distribution and collection. We use our chosen print partner’s for the project, recommend the correct paper weight and type and organise testing and checking of the proofs. Finished documents are delivered into store or distributed to designated sites as requested.

Scantronics provide batch preparation and high-speed production level scanning of a wide variety of paper sizes and formats. To ensure the highest level of accuracy is achieved, captured information is automatically validated and a member of the internal team manually corrects any recognition failures for those forms that are processed using OCR technology.

Scantronics also offer a key punch service for our clients where form data is manually processed using our offshore partner organisations.

Manual processing can be single or double keyed to ensure high levels of accuracy and Scantronics work to a minimum level of 99.95% accuracy for your data.

Scantronics have completed projects for Shell and Akzo Nobel, both worldwide projects in multiple languages to many thousands of respondents, Scantronics have also worked with Viking Holidays in the UK, Fornum and Masons, Abbey Building Society, as well as police forces and many many others.