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Scantronics has extensive experience in form design in English and in languages other than English.

Scantronics have in the past provided form design in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, all other European languages, Greek, Russian and many others and can provide translated output of these into English.

Scantronics can with our translation partners provide text from your requirements or can take input from your own translation bureau’s in excel or word to put into your form documents.

Sample of foreign language forms can be provided on request.

When designing your forms in languages other than English all output is checked by our own translators before drafts are sent to our clients for checking of layout and content.

Bearing in mind that translation can be a time consuming exercise clients need to allow some extra time in their project plan for this.

Scantronics will provide a dedicated project manager for your project who will work closely with you to ensure that project goals and timescale’s are met.

Scantronics will dedicate a project manager or managers to your project who will ensure that at each stage of your project key tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Your dedicated project manager will work closely with your own staff to assist in form design, marketing requirements and other details of the project are accurate.

An initial project meeting will take place at you premises or ours to discuss the pathway to a successful project.

In the past Scantronics have completed projects for Shell and Akzo Nobel, both of these worldwide project in multiple languages to many thousands of respondents, Scantronics have also worked with Viking Holidays and Cancer Research in the UK, Barrett Homes, Abbey National as well as police forces and many others.