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Legal Document Scanning

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  • Electronic files can be shared between partners and associates saving time and easing communication
  • Documents can be accessed easily through an easy to use menu in our document management systems or by using a keyword search for more powerful search capabilities
  • Having paper scanned as full text searchable documents offers quick access and is useful for document cross referencing
  • Documents are only printed when required reduces storage space needs and is environmentally friendly
  • Reduced research time and compilation of documents increase production capabilities
  • From a laptop or PC while in, or away from the office you can access your documents remotely using our online storage facilities.
  • Save on unnecessary printing, postage and delivery of paper documents reducing your costs.

If you are concerned about the legal admissibility of your scanned files please view the following information page legal admissibility

Document Scanning for Legal

The legal sector is a paper intensive area, and legal firms and independent para-legal’s and legal organisations hold documents on clients and other important documents such as:

Witness Statement

Property Documents

Personal Details

Character Profiles

Phone Billing Data

Court Documents


These documents are stored away in archive boxes and filing cabinets and sometime finding a case file or property file can cost much valuable time.

Anyone in the legal profession is very time-driven such is the nature of the business and to continuously spend time searching through paper documents and files wastes valuable resource while also in turn wasting more of the clients and courts time.


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Scantronics provides the legal sector with a solution that takes a paper intensive industry which holds onto important documents and streamlines the whole process

By having legal files and paperwork scanned and archived it eliminates the need for paper.

These file are available at the desktop within seconds, you don’t even have to move to get the information you need. This is regarded as a real saving rather than a cost in an industry where time is money.

Having these documents arranged into text searchable files speeds up the day to day process and saves thousands on time spent filing.

Solicitors and Para legal’s are well aware of the amount of paper around the office and how many of these valuable documents are lost or go missing for extended periods of time.

By introducing a document management process into offices, some businesses have saved thousands of pounds in real costs on printers, paper, photocopying, postage temp staff etc and even more can be saved on the hours wasted from staff looking for their files.

The forward thinkers are always the most successful businesses which is why Scantronics help many organisations with savings in as many areas of their business.


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